The Wrekin Trust is an educational charity which supports learning so that people can reach their fullest development.

We provide opportunities for the safe exploration of spiritual truths as we each understand them, encouraging people to draw on their own life experience and knowledge. We facilitate connection, dialogue and social action and have a multi-faith approach which embraces the arts and sciences.  We include ecological and holistic approaches which foster sustainable ways of living.

The Wrekin Trust was founded by a spiritual pioneer and we have always pushed forward at the edges, taking ideas and findings back into mainstream society by making them relevant, grounded and accessible.


The Wrekin Trust was founded in 1971 by Sir George Sir GeorgeTrevelyan Bt for spiritual education of a non-sectarian kind. For 24 years prior to this, Sir George was warden of Attingham Park, the Shropshire Adult Education College. It was here he first felt the need for enquiry into the real nature of man and the universe to which he belonged. He organised residential courses and conferences on many aspects of spiritual knowledge. On his retirement in 1971 he decided to continue his work through the Wrekin Trust, a charitable foundation which is today a focal point for those who are committed to questioning and exploring personal freedom, their spiritual nature and their relationship to and connectedness with the world around them.

Since its inception, the Wrekin Trust has delivered conferences, programmes and workshops that enable people from diverse disciplines and viewpoints to explore leading edge topics in a non-sectarian way.

To find out more about Sir George Trevelyan and the roots of Wrekin Trust, please visit www.sirgeorgetrevelyan.org.uk.  This site, which is dedicated to Sir George’s life and legacy, contains links to many of his books, recordings and videos of his talks.