Courses & Events

TRansforum 14 006 (2)Our courses and events are designed to provide a safe space for people of all denominations and none, to explore different spiritual truths in a practical, grounded way and through developing spiritual literacy, support the individuals’ inner journey and outer service in the world.

Our current programme includes..

‘Working more consciously with the spirit of Albion has been a profound and significant experience for me, work I will take forward and continue through my life. As I come to the end of the first year of my work with this, I am more deeply connected with the land, the people who live and have lived here and with my own spiritual connection and practice. For me, working experientially has deepened my awareness of my relationship to the land and my ancestors. I have learnt to connect in ways that are more profound and yet more subtle, and this quiet change has supported me in my life, work and relationships.

‘Sarah Jane’s teaching has encouraged my connection with my own wisdom alongside learning a huge amount from her about ways in which we can experience and understand the spirit of Albion. Her knowledge and intuitive facilitation have been powerful and I have felt consistently stretched and supported in all aspects of my development. Working so consciously with story and mythology has brought an added dimension and depth to my experience and I have an awareness of how much more there is for me to learn from continuing my studying alongside my practice.’

Lisa Anthony, Ilira Expressive Arts, Birmingham

  • Becoming Whole,  a course which introduces the idea of ‘whole-person’ development run as a series of weekly sessions which combine compassionate teaching with peer support in a small group setting
  • Cafe Spirituals, monthly local groups which provide an opportunity for spiritual companionship, support and enquiry including talks, informal discussion and refreshments. Please click on the link in the What’s On sidebar for forthcoming meetings.