Green Shoots – What’s emerging?

List of Green Shoots compiled by Tessa Maskell.

Hawkwood – 21 March 2017

What Sir George did was remarkable. The recently-released form of the current Wrekin Trust has given way directly to a number of exciting GREEN SHOOTS, some of which emerged during the day event at Hawkwood on March 21st when we celebrated Sir George’s Presence throughout the many years that the Trust operated. The form may have changed, but the Spirit of Sir George founder of Wrekin Trust is still alive and well!

For those of you who were not at the event, below is a list of friends associated with various Green Shoots and their contact details. There are many more shoots beginning to show themselves.

The New Story The paradigm shift heralded by Sir George Trevelyan is now being  termed  ‘The New Story’ of  Oneness and our essential interconnectedness with all Life. A film of the international event where 350 people including indigenous leaders, from all continents anchored this movement is available on . 50,000 comments  indicated that indeed ‘the tide has turned’. Janice Dolley

Yelders is an opportunity for younger people and older people to talk to each other, really hear each other, resulting in life changing times together. The first meeting of people exploring the whole idea of YELDERS is planned for May 7th at the Fold, Bransford, near Worcester. Tessa Maskell

The Heart of Light builds on the concept of the Silent Minute and the Lamplighter Movement to encourage people to take a silent pause at 9 PM each evening in their time zone, lighting a candle and saying  a short prayer to bring more light, love and peace into the world. David Lorimer

Character Scotland’s new project, supported by the Big Lottery Fund involving young people and their grandparents completing a poster,  reflecting on personal values and qualities, choosing a WW1 image,  an inspirational story and inspiring quotations, then considering how the process has made you more grateful to be alive and how you can contribute to a more peaceful world  Young Start.  David Lorimer

The Soul-Voyagers Network is a ‘community of spirit’ open to those with experience and interest in transpersonal fields. See for articles, newsletters and details of our annual retreat. Jen Kershaw

The Fold between Worcester and Malvern now involves over 70 people and is about to celebrate its tenth birthday. With Satish Kumar as its patron it hosts courses, events and celebrations of life, has art and craft studios, a care farm growing organic produce, an award winning café and farm shop. Will Tooby

The Reading Group in order to deepen our understanding of the spiritual we  hold workshops for speakers such as William Meader; have a monthly Full Moon group and a silent meditation group; plus we have a study group that has worked with books by Alice Bailey, Charles Eisenstein and Anne Baring. Heather Giles

One Spirit Alliance is an on-going co-creative initiative arising from the impulse to connect spiritually minded people and organisations. It offers a flexible framework for mutual support in raising awareness of all spiritual traditions and approaches within society. Claire McDonald

David Furlong PhD is working with the development and understanding on how we can work constructively with our own ‘Higher-Self’. In working with clients who may have disturbed psychic and psychological issues, this aspect of our being has a profound insight into the therapeutic processes needed to bring about a restoration to good mental and physical

100 Women of Spirit This initiative was inspired by the 100th birthday of Dadi Janki, the spiritual head of the Brahma Kumaris, whose life has been about empowering women.  Having asked for nominations of women in the UK who were examples of bringing spiritual principles into working life, we came down to 100 women with true feminine leadership qualities.  In May we go to the House of Commons, calling for the ‘feminine’ way to be included alongside the more ‘masculine’ approach in taking society forward.  Phillipa Blackham

The Spirit of Humanity Forum is a global network of organisations, communities and individuals committed to help bring about change in governance and decision-making, based on core human values. It creates a safe space for deeper encounter, exploration and dialogue among leaders and change-makers to discover new ways to move forwards.  The Forum ( focuses on spirituality in leadership, and explores new forms of governance underpinned by care, respect, trust, dialogue and relationships. Sister Maureen maureen.goodman@uk.

India One: The World Renewal Spiritual Trust with its sister organisation, the Brahma Kumaris, combines spirituality and values with research and development of renewable energy technology.  In February it completed a solar thermal power plant near its Shantivan Campus in Abu Road, Rajasthan, the first of its kind in the world.  In 2014 it was awarded with an assignment for Development of Awareness Cum Training Centre on Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST) Technologies under United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Sister Maureen maureen.goodman@uk.

Another green shoot that emerged in the days following our meeting was –

The Goodwill Foundation: Teaching established courses using Mindfulness and Holistic techniques to understand and heal our mind, body, feelings and spirit; plus residential retreats for those going through a deep life transition, having maybe recently survived trauma or loss. If you are interested in participating in this new project please contact

If you would like to explore further any of these projects, and especially the possible embryonic Association, please get in touch with EmmaMary Gathergood or Tessa Maskell.