Mission Accomplished

Wrekin Trust Gathering, Hawkwood College, Stroud 21 March 2017

To mark the occasion of the previously announced dissolution of the Trust, some 60 supporters of various historical stages of the Trusts’ evolution took part in acknowledging achievements, reflecting on the founder Sir George Trevelyan and hearing of new emerging initiatives.

Following a warm welcome by Hawkwood Principal Alicia Carey, to the house and the ‘Centre for Future Thinking’, the chairman in lighting the customary candle, said this was  He thanked trustees, employees and volunteers who had served the Trust over the past 46 years. He also pointed to the fact that the-techno media savvy young people of today were finding their own inherent spirituality in a variety of ways such as through music, eco-psychology and activism, adventure, volunteering and the like; therefore not drawn to support the programmes and opportunities on offer by the field in general at this time.

Referring to the Legacy Projects the Trust was unable to pursue, the Albion Project, to be illustrated later, will be carried forward by Chalice Well Trust. The second –Lighting Fires a progressive programme aimed at helping develop values-based spiritual literacy in youth work is to be pioneered by Endeavour Training Ltd a long standing and renowned charity based in Sheffield.

In relation to collaborative working with Brahma Kumaris (BK) since 1989, the Trust has contributed to a young adolescent leadership programme known as ‘Choose, Change and Become’ now operational on five continents under the BK International Youth Forum.

There followed a contribution by David Lorimer reflecting on Sir George and the impact on David’s early years as seeing George as something of a father figure. Using George’s famous opening – What Is Happening Now?  As a play on words giving an emphasis to each in turn he paid tribute to George and his outstanding contribution over the years.

The next speaker was Sharon Clancy who spoke of Sir George and her extensive PhD Joint research project with Nottingham University and the National Trust – Adult Education, the Shropshire Adult Education College and Sir George Trevelyan. His work in the field of adult education had been revolutionary and he was the first to articulate a holistic world view.

The morning closed with a presentation by Paul Fletcher, chair Chalice Well Trust, on the Albion Project touching on British Spirituality and the work of Wellesley Tudor-Pole, Ronal Heaver, Sir George and others of that time. Speaking of Sir George and his inspirational support for the Wales Network in 1983, when Paul and a small group established an information centre initially on Bangor High Street at 1, Trevelyan Terrace, later growing to become the Green House and the birthing place for many dozens of embryonic projects and is today used by the University as a neutral or outreach meeting centre. (It may be of interest that the then HTV discovered the Green House. Referring to the resulting book Alternatives and programme series John Osmond and Angela Graham wrote- “This book and television series on which it is based have been two years in the making. As we say in our opening chapter, we did not set out with the idea of making a series of six programmes, and least of all writing a book about them. But it is the very essence of alternative activity and thinking that one thing leads to another until, like the threads of an interwoven fabric, the whole appears. We have been fascinated to discover that just beneath the surface of society in Britain today is evolving a whole new fabric that makes up the Alternative Movement. And it has appeared to us an evolutionary process: the new growing within the faded structures of the old” July 1984 ISBN 0-7225-1138-8)

There followed a showing of a video mock-up prepared by Kevin Redpath of the Albion Website an ambitious project to provide information and links with other contemporary websites to serve a wide range of user which will be developed by Chalice Well Trust with a legacy donation from Wrekin.

Following lunch a session facilitated by Tessa Maskell opened with a short meditation led by Sister Maureen Goodman Programme Director Brahma Kumaris who, only just returned from the World Spiritual University in Rajasthan, spoke of developments which are included along with other presentations in the report Green Shoots –What is emerging? which can be found HERE.

To complete the Gathering a presentation to Hawkwood, of a bronze head of Sir George one of three by Virginia Venning (1913-2005) and donated by Elinore Detiger was unveiled and later placed in a prominent position inside the Hawkwood front door (Other bronzes are with Chalice Well Trust and in Elinore’s home on Iona). Sadly Elinore was unable to be present for the Gathering.

Carol Duncan in closing the day confirmed that she would continue in promoting the works of William Meader and Ravi Ravindra.

A ceremonial blowing out of the candle by all who had played a part in the administration of the Trust brought the day to an end.

Roger Orgill

April 2017