Sir George TrevelyanThe Wrekin Trust is an educational charity which was started in 1971 by Sir George Trevelyan Bt for spiritual education of a non-sectarian kind. Its main aim now is to advance education and learning across different faith and spiritual communities by creating safe meeting spaces for connections, dialogue, learning and social action. The Trust works collaboratively with partner organisations wherever possible to share resources and deliver interfaith projects and activities that are open to everyone.

The main activity for the last eight years has been the development of the Wrekin Forum to awaken and revitalize a spiritual dimension within society by empowering and supporting a deeper connection between visionary organisations and individuals whose approach is based on holistic, spiritual and ecological principles.


Our present purpose is dedicated to “Spiritual Awakening in our Time” the theme of a lecture given by Sir George Trevelyan in the nineteen eighties. (Click here to read complete lecture). Raising the consciousness of all of us to the One-ness of all people and our existential inter connectedness with each other and the whole of life. (Click here to read more about ‘Raising Consciousness’).

The Wrekin Symbol

The Wrekin Symbol is based on the Celtic cross of resurrection. It is three dimensional, encircled by three protective spheres of light indicating global proportions and hinting at a shaft of spiritual light striking down from the zenith to earth.


"Out of the confusion of a crumbling society, will emerge individuals who are touched by higher guidance. These will inevitably flow together with others of like inspiration, and a new quality of society will begin to form. This is the true adventure of our time" Sir George Trevelyan.

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Whole Person - Whole World

So why are some of us, at the Wrekin Trust, just so excited about this new project?

Sometimes, forty years after the birth of an organisation, when its founder has passed on, there can be a need for a reappraisal. Do our founder’s words still ring true? Are the views expressed in the early 70s still relevant in 2014? Do we feel the Trust is going in the right direction? Do the recent changes and adjustments in the Trust complement the new emerging consciousness of 2014 and beyond?

The answer has to be a resounding YES! What could be more relevant in the present climate of unrest than the prophetic words of Wrekin Trust’s founder Sir George Trevelyan, “This is the emergence of a new humanity…. We recognise an evolutionary thrust towards a higher consciousness for humanity, unlocking spiritual potential hitherto dormant”. But how is this new humanity going to emerge? Is it through laws being passed or great books being written? Is it through wonderful conferences, where we fly half way around the world to hear the latest authority telling us about the changes happening?

No, the new humanity will start to emerge when you and I start to think, feel, behave and BE different!

The name of our new project “Whole Person – Whole World” reflects this awareness. If we want to see a whole world, a world where all forms of life are respected, what are you and me going to do about it? What can WE, as individuals do? How can WE become whole people? How can WE become part of the “evolutionary thrust towards a higher consciousness for humanity”? Join us at the Wrekin Trust this year and together we will discover the way!  (see article “The Transformational Journey”  under Notices plus events listed on Events page)







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